MASS Transit Ltd., trading as Brightbus, are a large independent bus operator based in North Anston, near Sheffield in South Yorkshire. Their headquarters and only depot, the Northern Garage, is located on Houghton Road in North Anston. They were founded by Michael Strafford in 1998 and are now England's largest school bus operator.

Brightbus specialise in providing safe and efficient school bus travel. They currently control the majority of Travel South Yorkshire tendered school bus contracts, as well as a large number of untendered school bus routes as well. They are well known for their distinctive fleet, which are painted in an all-over livery of bright green.

The Brightbus operation also includes a sister company called MAS Special Engineering Ltd., also known as MASS Engineering, who specialise in providing heavy maintenance to buses, including the rebodying of old vehicles. MASS Engineering are also based at Brightbus' North Anston headquarters.

Brightbus' Dennis Dragons imported from Hong Kong, at twelve metres long and containing 126 seats, are by far the largest non-articulated buses in the Western world. These were all imported during 2003, and MASS Engineering worked to secure type certification for the Dragons by conducting in-house tilt testing and other tests when they arrived. They were also overhauled.


As of November 2014, Brightbus' fleet includes 86 buses, consisting of:


  • NORTH ANSTON - Northern Garage, Houghton Road, North Anston, South Yorkshire S25 4JJ

Former operationsEdit

Between 2001 and 2005, Brightbus had a substantial presence in Lincolnshire, purchasing Applesby Coaches, Reliance Buses and the Grantham depot of Lincolnshire RoadCar. After heavy losses, these were all sold in 2005.

In 2004 the company purchased Leon Motors of Doncaster. All of the former service routes from Leon were passed on to First South Yorkshire in 2008.

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