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Welcome to Bus Wiki

Welcome to this wiki. Basicly, I've been inactive for a few years now. I get that. I have plans to revive this wiki to make it ship shape. To start off, I will be hiring three admins as well as a few mods. Your job is to create as many pages as possible about buses, including but not limited to, bus routes around the world, different types of buses, and the history of buses. I would also like to say that I've become a pretty good designer so I will be able to design quite a few things for this wiki. All and all, I will be helping this wiki as much as I can.

-Snicks (Founder/Owner of Bus Wiki)

Editing the Bus Wiki

Please do edit any page with any information that you think would be a good addition to it. Please add a page about buses, especially ones from outside the UK or Ireland, as people who know about buses from around the world are hard to come by.

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