Ebby Gray age twenty-one years old, she last year 2018? and this year of 2019? sad of her little half name Ebby Gray age Twenty years old, wants to help her? she gone on with her body? And to say goodbye, Good Android Twenty-one she awakened? But she still lost her memory? poor Ebby Gray age twenty-one years old? she sad day, missing her old teacher name Frances mokdean? And her boyfriend name Isaiah wade age Twenty-two years old? He's not be twenty-one anymore? He's gone, On with giant eagle? She's misses old Rebecca Stallman Southgate school?😒 Future Ebby: name Ebby Gray age Twenty-two years old? She Sleeping on her body,  she spirit of Ebby Gray age Twenty-two years old? she nightmare, of August three days to her birthday not yet, three days soon?

Good Android Twenty-one her twin clone evil name evil Android Twenty-one, she no good she eats of game cupcakes? They to die!? Of Dragon ball fighterz ps4? she confused of hers? She leader of heroes friends? her other heroes friends, her rivalry friend Chinese people girl named Ling Xiaoyu, her brown eyes it looks like her? From Tekken seven game? But Ps3 dying it's broken for character disc games? It was too late, her workshop name first Christian church? she likes it, but away for people it hitting she won't listen to you? Her name is aj, and her assistant name Linda? she loved pets sexy cat is name it's Ortensia? Ortensia she to ignore Ebby Gray age twenty-one years old?πŸ’œ her big brothers, it's name is Michael S. Peter S. John A. And Austin G. He's so busy with now? He's not coming Her John's house anymore not Ebby Gray age twenty-one's room anymore? Her Father his name is Eric Gray? He's busy with playing with final fantasy xiv? And his play cellphone? Her Mother is name Is Shannan Gray, she died on heaven she turning into angels, she crying she not here anymore😞? She funeral, it's future? She said goodbye to her mother Shannan Gray, past away? on March Twenty-first 2013? She sick day alone with her mother? Her grandparents Past away on heaven too? Poor Ebby Gray age twenty-one years old?😞 she Graduation school? sad photos of people school? Of 2018-2019? Her nephews and nieces? It's name is Isaac Xavier Liliana and Amy? They so cute? The Sons and daughters of John Adamson? is name Brittney Adamson? John's wife? Ebby's team sun Pokemon? Not for Ebby Gray age twenty-one years old? Her twin friend Purple basketball transform woman age twenty-one years old and her transforms purple basketball transform ball age twenty-one years old? purple basketball transform woman age twenty-one years old? She tried to ignore Ebby Gray age twenty-one years old too?πŸ’œ She trying again for her workshop? right, her father's girlfriend named Amanda baker? she of s.e.x.y. she feels good? For now? Her hair is dark brown, of shiny not silver hair she bad day? of pulling for you? Her eyes is brown? Her skin is peach? she best perfect day of game? she says to goodbye of all system future Ebbys too? and if happily ever after the end? (The end?) πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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