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Ebby gray age twenty-two, she's not be age twenty-one anymore?

she turning age twenty-two years old, last four months?

don't you see, she just workshop, now...

Ebby gray, they need help, on all s.e.com. other heroes friends?

their evil name: showeon, stonewoman, nightmare ebby gray age twenty-two,

all-be-in, and Z-yuck?

She bad guys stealing all connctions guys!

Ebby gray leader of heroes friends to rescue?

to stone dark chaos, now she turn?

P.s. annoying by peoples them!?


December 6 2019 later...

What happened to Ebby Gray age Twenty-two?

she's turning into stone of chaos?

She on twitch of Poke flexii their getting to shiny Pokemons?

for Ebby's Alolan form Grimers?

Gts Regions give her!?

Meanwhile, Mickey mouse and Control Mickey mouse is back!?

to rescue by all system entertainment.com?

other heroes friends, everyones!?

her twin friend Purple basketball transform woman age Twenty-two years old!?

all connections guys is missing on stone dark of chaos tournament city!?

It's sad day forever again!?

They are too late!?

Mickey mouse and Control Mickey mouse's

Weapons save them again!?

(The end...?) Poor Ebby...😞 She won't get up, for now? her paycheck blank on Nintendo switch almost there right!? But even not yet for now did? Mickey's arm it's broken he can't whistle blow again?😞 She Bad luck day, it happens for again?

she's get to toy doctor!?

The death of stonewoman showeontwo nightmare Ebby Gray age Twenty-two years old!?

Showeon's death!?😞😞

she's gone? This is terrible?

call it Emily-tuff needs help for Ebby Gray age Twenty-two years old?

Leader of heroes friends!?😲

And Leader of red and blue eyes friends!? Emily-tuff!?

And now Final battle very soon!?

Stay tuned...?

(The end...?)