The MCV DD103, also known as the MCV DD103RLE, is a model of double-decker bus produced on Volvo B9TL chassis by MCV since 2011. It is the first such type of bus to be produced by the company.

The first bus was built of Go-Ahead London in 2011, but was declared too heavy and eventually joined Wessex Connect after a rebuild. The same bus would later suffer a bridge strike, causing it to be rebuilt again as an open-top bus.

A second bus was built for Go-Ahead London that met Transport for London requirements and has gone into service on London bus route 425. A third trial bus was later received by London United for fuel comparison.

The first firm order for DD103s came from Golden Tours of London, who ordered nine DD103s (including six open-toppers) in 2013; these were delivered in December of that year.

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