The Mercedes-Benz O302 was a model of bus and coach produced by Mercedes-Benz between 1965 and 1974 as a replacement to the O321. A total of thirty-nine O302s were imported to the United Kingdom between 1967 and 1980. The O302 was much more successful on the continent, with 32,000 of the type being sold, including some which were sold as buses; only the coach version ever made it to the UK.

The O302 rose to minor fame during the 1974 FIFA World Cup in West Germany, when each of the sixteen competing nations' teams were transported in O302s painted in that country's colours.

Most O302s were integral products with Mercedes-Benz bodies, although the chassis was available with bodies by Plaxton and Van Hool in the UK as well. The O302 was replaced by the O303.

O302/13R "Jumbulance"Edit

In 1975 Mercedes-Benz launched a derivative of the O302 called the Mercedes-Benz O302/13R, nicknamed the "Jumbulance" (literally meaning "jumbo ambulance"). It contained two low-height decks accessed by a single full-height gangway. Despite being a double-decker, the low height of the decks meant that the O302/13R was not too much taller than a standard O302. Each deck was split into sections large enough to allow patients in hospital beds to be placed in each, still laying down, hence the low height. There was also a section of the bus reserved for carrying emergency equipment.

The O302/13R was the first "Jumbulance" ever built, although more have been built since. The O302/13R was largely intended for allowing unwell and/or disabled hospital patients onto day trips out that they otherwise would be unable to attend. Unfortunately the O302/13R did not sell as well as expected, with the only UK order being by the Across Trust of Morden, who took delivery of KHG498N in May 1975. The O302/13R was eventually replaced by the O303/15UP.

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