The Mercedes-Benz O305 was a model of bus produced by Mercedes-Benz between 1969 and 1987, based on the then-standard VÖV-Standard-Linienbus design of German buses. It was built as a single-decker and a double-decker and also as an articulated bus and trolleybus in Kaiserslautern, and was eventually succeeded by the O405.

The O305 was very successful, being operated in large numbers in many countries, including - for the first time for a Mercedes-Benz bus - countries outside of Europe like Hong Kong and Singapore. It also sold well in Australia, New Zealand and Israel. However, only five were sold in the UK - three O305G articulated buses used at Luton Airport, and two standard single-deckers with Northern Counties bodies operated by the South East Lancashire North East Cheshire (SELNEC) Passenger Transport Executive.

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