The Mercedes-Benz Touro, also known as the Mercedes-Benz 1836RL, was a model of coach built by Mercedes-Benz and EvoBus from 2002 and 2007. The Touro was introduced to replace the outgoing O404 model. 173 Touros were sold in the United Kingdom throughout the production run, and all examples were bodied by Mercedes-Benz as an integral product.

The Touro was a development of the Mercedes-Benz OC500RF modular high-floor chassis; essentially, they were shortened OC500RFs combined integrally with Mercedes-Benz bodies, with a few other subtle differences.

The Touro eventually spawned the similar Tourino and Tourismo integral coaches, the latter of which replaced the Touro in 2007.

The first Touro to be sold in the UK was an example sold to Williams of Brecon in September 2002, carrying registration WC52DMW. The last was sold to Park of Stradone in January 2007, registered as 07CN613.

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